ditto is… not listening in to your messages

ditto is… not listening in to your messages

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You don’t have to eavesdrop to know that mobile phone hacking is a hot topic. ditto’s tech lab is would like to issue a public service announcement, in how to avoid it happening to you.

“It’s not very difficult; anyone could do it,” says Jack Wraith, head of the Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum.

Mobile phones come with a default four-digit Pin. Providers expect and ask customers to change their pins, but very few do. Have you? The journalists and private investigators could ring the number and if the caller didn’t answer, they could enter a default pin and access the persons messages. This raises the question of whether the practice of entering a default pin number could even be considered as hacking?

Mobile network operators in the UK have made it harder for anyone except the customer to listen to their messages recently. But it still happens. So what can we do to prevent our messages being tapped into?

Change your pin. Mobile phone networks offer remote access to your mobile phone’s voicemail should you wish to check them using another line. For security, you need to ender a pin code before being able to listen to your messages. The default codes are the same across all phones, often 1234 or 0000. If this code isn’t changed your voicemails may be open to hacking.

It should be quick and easy to change the code. The process varies across networks; however most can be done by calling your voicemail and selecting the security menu.

This should prevent Rupert Murdoch receiving your messages before you!

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