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ditto is… self-exploring with digital media

Mar 04, 2014

How have the technologies that surround us shaped how we see ourselves? This weekend I dove into the Barbican Weekender, a mini-festival of digital workshops and activities that explored how technology, tools and gadgets are changing our everyday lives. We also examined image and identity through art and technology, across the theme “We Create: Technology […]

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ditto is… taking the big leap

Mar 03, 2014

When a brand like Lacoste commission their first ever promotional TV ad campaign, the agency that wins the brief can feel the pressure to create something that’s memorable, if not breathtaking. BETC Paris was the agency lucky enough to be commissioned by Lacoste, and they’ve produced a spot which certainly takes the breath away. “Life […]

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ditto is…still breathing

Feb 26, 2014

Wearing protective equipment whilst playing sports is a no-brainer. We’d all prefer to save ourselves the pain and boredom of being injured. I’ve experience this first hand several times: over the years I’ve dislocated a shoulder, hyperextended my neck and damaged my ACL. Let me tell you, it’s not fun, or pretty. So, it makes […]

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