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ditto is… applying for the world’s toughest job

Apr 16, 2014

Interviewing for a role has always been a challenge, but I think that things have gotten worse since the dawn of the internet. Now employers are able to check out prospective hires’ social media presence, validate references in the blink of an eye and, most significantly, conduct interviews via video. An American agency called Mullen […]

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ditto is… back in time for brunch

Apr 14, 2014

This weekend I celebrated the return of ‘London’s original brunch party’ to its spiritual home. In honour of one of my friends’ birthday, we headed to MODE in Notting Hill, for LOVE BRUNCH. The event started in 2009, when five friends started hosting a communal brunch on a Saturday afternoon. From this relatively humble beginning, […]

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ditto is… after the vinyl Holy Grail

Apr 11, 2014

Earlier this week one of the copies appeared for sale , with a hefty $13,500 price tag, on Thirteen and half grand is a fairly significant number, even for the most ardent collector – but the dudes over at We Are The Music Makers are working on an alternative. Having negotiated with the artist, […]

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