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ditto is… counting down to half-time

Jan 21, 2014

Some things around the Superbowl have become predictable annual occurrences. You’ll see the same joke about ‘superb owls’ being made all over Twitter, and Brits who have no idea about American football will casually drop phrases like “Hail Mary Pass” into conversation as if they were born and raised on the sport. Another staple of […]

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ditto is… getting on the treadmill

Jan 15, 2014

January is the time of year when newly made resolutions get put to the test, including the inevitable declaration that “I’m going to try to be more healthy this year.” We all know that running on a treadmill can get a bit tedious and boring at times, but there is a new treadmill in town. […]

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ditto is…learning from ‘Mistakes’

Jan 13, 2014

As a copywriter, I strive to make my work as engaging as possible, to create moments where the target audience can’t help but read, listen or watch to what I’ve written. As a result, I take notice when my own attention is grabbed that completely. While browsing the internet recently I came across this advert […]

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